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How to make up classes

Students make up missed classes by watching a video of the recorded class and working at home. An address of the recording will be emailed to the students who missed the class at least two days before the next class. In order to download the code students are working on, you need to use CheckOut tool which can be downloaded from HERE.

Instructional video how to use CheckOut tool for programming classes is HERE

How to access your code from home (Windows)

Students can access the code they have done at classes by using the same tool at home we are using in classes: CheckOut. The tool is written by Archimede School and it safe to use on your computers at home. The tool works only on Windows computers - no Apple at this time. The tool is not "digitally signed" hence Windows will ask you for permission to run it. Some virus protection programs treat this tool as a threat and even silently refuse to run it. Instructional video how to use CheckOut tool for programming classes is HERE.

If the CheckOut tool is still causing your trouble, and if you are a Mac user, you can access the code using any Subversion version control client. One we are using at Archimedes School is Tortoise Svn which is free and can be downloaded HERE even for Mac computers. In order to use SVN you need to point your SVN client to the following address:<student-name>

and replace "student-name" with the actual student's name with the capitol first letter:


How to set up Python at home

This is a video on how to set up Python on your Windows computer at home. It explains how to get Visual Studio, Python interpreter, and Archimedes' extension of Python.

How to install Small Basic

This is a short instructional video on how to install Small Basic from the official Microsoft web site. Small Basic works only on Microsoft computers. You need to have Internet access and a web browser to get Small Basic installed.


This is a tool used at Archimedes school to get student's code from the code repository and to save the changes back in. The tool is built for Windows machines only and requires the latest .NET 4.0 installed.

The link downloads a ZIP file which you can just copy on your machine and run "CheckOut" (EXE) file. There is no special installation of the file.
You need an Internet connection in order to get the files down to your computer. You also need an account to connect to the Archimedes server.

If the tool is able to connect to the Archimedes server with the valid account, it will create a folder on the computer's desktop with the same name as the name of the account. When the tool application gets closed it will ask for the confirmation to save the files, send the changes to the Archimedes server, and delete the folder from the computer's desktop.

Arx - Archimedes Small Basic Extension

Arx is a Small Basic extension written by Archimedes School.

It adds number of new features to Small Basic language such as collision detection of shapes, drawing save, settings file, debugging mode, tracing, custom shape data, and more.

The download is a ZIP file with files you need to add to your Small Basic installation folder. We are preparing a video on how to do this but essentially, find the Small Basic folder, create a new folder called Lib, and copy files from the downloaded ZIP file. Note that Small Basic needs to be restarted in order to get the Arx extension working.

Notepad ++

This is a tool used at Archimedes school for Web Programming classes. It is a text editor which gives just enough help with HTML and CSS files.

Note that this tool is not mandatory to be used at home. Students can use any "plain" text editor which saves files using plain ASCII characters. One such tool is the old Notepad which comes with Windows. However, we are not using this tool since it is missing some fundamental functionality such as multi-step undo.

Advanced text processors such as Microsoft Word are also not an option since the files which Word creates contains much more than just a plain text.

Java Develpment Kit

In order to have Greenfoot working correctly on your machine, you have to first install (if you haven't already) a Java Development Kit (JDK). Jave is distributed by ORACLE corporation. On their web page you have to accept their licesne agreement in order to download. The site shows you number of different download links. If you are running Windows, pick either x64 or x32 version depending on Windows you have. You can try first with x64 and chances are it will work fine. If it doesn't please try x32 version.

Small Basic

Small Basic is a free tool for learning programming on Windows computers.
To install, click the link on the left which will download a SmallBasic.msi file.
Once downloaded, run the MSI which will install Small Basic on your computer.


Once you have Java SDK installed, you can now install Greenfoot by clicking to the link on the left which will lead you to the Greenfoot website where you can download the Greenfoot from.

Tortoise SVN

In order to keep your code in sync with the Archmiedes School's Code Repository, you need to install a Subversion client. In Archimedes we are using Tortoise SVN client which you can find here. In order to get your code in and out of the repository, you have to have your own account and password ready provided you Archimedes School. You can install the Tortoise SVN client by clicking to the link on the left and downloading either 64-bit or 32-bit version. If your computer is fairly new, chances are 64-bit will work. If it doesn't, you need to download the 32-bit verion.